Hi, I’m Peyton!

Currently, I’m a brand expert who is the founder of J2R Media, Writing Income Accelerator, and 6-Figure Freelance Writer. I’ve worked with hundreds of students and impacted millions of people with my work.

In my thirties, I had a very atypical mid-life crisis. Though I achieved a top medical administraotr role, I sacrified my health and sanity to adapt to this high-stress work and life. In my desperation, I found a community of game-changers who were working through the same problems I had.  

Our focus was on personal evolution and optimal performance. We attended workshops, read books together, and began to help each other out. We were so successful together, we began helping countless others. This made me want to be a teacher so I could I could serve people in a greater capacity. 

What I learned from this period is that people don’t just want information, they want a dynamic transformation. I started to reteach people that they can be the hero and author of their own compelling future. In time, this vision of a blockbuster life started to become real. 

The reason why I do my work today is because I think we’re all trying to find the hero within. I believe the most impactful thing I can do is to help others find their unique value to the world so they can start living a remarkable story.