Your Life Is A Story

J2R is about improving every aspect of your life through the power of story. Your life can either be a passive history or a remarkable story of adventure where you are the hero/heroine. To survive this world, we can’t afford to be average. All heroes are perpetually on a Journey To Remarkable fulfilling their vision and helping others along the way.

bell curve

Create Your Own Narrative

To be remarkable, it’s clear that we have to be a positive outlier in society. Positive outliers are the most successful, loved, and fulfilled people. But growing up, everyone was told to follow the same generic advice. Everyone isn’t wrong, it’s just that everyone is different. In creating your own life script, you have to break a few rules or you’ll be average. The question is, exactly how can we create a better narrative and avoid the land of mediocrity?

That’s what J2R is. It’s a simple system that can be customized, modified, and improved to lead people to an authentic, unique, and remarkable life. It all begins with your story.



Every story has a basic structure.
In life, storylines serve as a template for crucial turning points and milestones.


The Hero

That’s you: the leading character in your story. Do you have what it takes to live a remarkable life? What’s your backstory? What is your True North?

big problem image

The Big Problem

Life isn’t always easy. To win you have to play the game. What is your biggest challenge, calling you to action?

The Guide & Plan

The Guide & Plan

Guides are mentors, teachers, and coaches that encourage heroes like you. They have the right plan for you to succeed. 

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The Showdown

The road to the top is a long one full of valiant effort. It culminates into a final showdown with your greatest challenge.

The Outcome

The Outcome

Will your heroic efforts result in a victory or defeat? With a little luck, hard work, and a reliable system, you can count on a win.

Two Worlds

The chapters of your life are experienced in two different worlds.
Progress only happens in The Remarkable World. As heroes, we must err on action.



We can’t always predict the future, but we can get ahead of the story and plan our next amazing scenes. Today’s heroes need these three J2R skills to make it to the top.


Self Mastery

Know thyself, master your craft, and add value to the world.


Live your best story and share it with others.


Lead with love and compassion to serve your tribe.