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Peyton’s business program is thoroughly impressive. His personal background and experience validates what he teaches; and he visibly inspires the students to engage, excel, and truly desire learning.Troy

Troy Coady Program Manager, Entrepreneurs Business Week

Peyton is one of the most professional and intuitive facilitators that I’ve ever worked with. He’s got an uncanny knack for finding connections where none were before while maintaining a driven purpose in often complex problems and situation.


Dan Koperski IT Specialist at Department of Veterans Affairs

Peyton has been one of the best entrepreneurs I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for. He is considerate of my well-being and tries to provide me with as much info as he can.


Tristan Ramberg Visual Designer at Western Digital

Peyton’s business programs are truly one-of-a-kind. It inspired me to start my own business. The experience is interactive, so the attendees get hands-on business practice. Peyton’s energy and enthusiasm in his lessons is extremely unique, and it shows by how much the students respect him. I have been honored to take part in this program.


Alexis Meads Business Owner & Harvard Alumna

Peyton’s natural state is working with people in business and education that contribute real assets to the community. He is both a team player and a dynamic leader, a professional who wins the respect of others through his integrity, and posses unwavering desire to bring out the best in his teams.


Raymond G. Hanson Managing Director at Pragma Ventures, Inc.

Peyton is truly a Business Guru and was instrumental in helping me strategically think about how to grow my business. He has the ability to dissect start-ups, growing businesses to make them better and wiser. I have yet to work with a more professional consultant/advisor. It’s a true benefit to have him on your team.


Ryan JD Christensen Director of Client Engagement at The Program

Peyton has been a supportive consultant over the past three years. He has continually offered advice, resources and guidance in regards to business planning, funding, and networking. I have been impressed with his devotion to community service, support of small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as ongoing success in his education career. I would highly recommend Peyton as a positive addition to any team.


Amy Volk Executive Producer at Swift

I highly recommend Peyton’s business consulting services. 1300% ROI from his recommendations inside a few months. Listen, wherever you go, whatever you do, be sure to hire Peyton!


Robert Andrew Christian Independent Telecommunications Professional


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